Discovering Automatically Created Mailboxes by Microsoft Bookings in Your Tenant

IntroductionIn today’s digitally driven world, Microsoft Bookings stands out as a convenient and efficient scheduling tool integrated within the Microsoft 365 suite. It simplifies the process of managing appointments and schedules for businesses. However, one less obvious aspect of setting up a Microsoft Bookings Calendar is that it automatically generates a dedicated mailbox within your … Read more

How to Identify a Failed Application During Windows Pre-Provisioning

Access Advanced Options: During the Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE), press Shift+F10. This opens a command prompt. Open Registry Editor: In the command prompt, type regedit and press Enter to open the Registry Editor. Navigate to the Registry Key: Go to the following path:HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Autopilot\EnrollmentStatusTracking\ESPTrackingInfo\Diagnostics\SidecarHere, you’ll find multiple entries with date and time stamps. Identify the failed app: … Read more

How to Set Specific User Permissions on Folder Level in a SharePoint Site

Steps to Set User Permissions on a Folder Level To only allow ‘Owners’ and specific users: 1: Access Your SharePoint Site:Navigate to your SharePoint site using your preferred web browser. 2: Go to the Document Library:Locate the relevant document library where the target folder resides. You can find this on the left navigation pane or … Read more

User create date

If you need to find out when a user was created you can run this in PowerShell:Connect-ExchangeOnlineGet-Mailbox | select-object WhenCreatedUTC,Name It will tell you when the users mailbox was created.

OneDrive – Wrong timezone

I noticed that the time and time format was wrong on all documents in my OneDrive online. Time and timezone is correct in the rest of Office 365 It can be fixed by doing this: In OneDrive click the Return to classic OneDrive in the lower left cornerClick on the setting icon in the upper right cornerClick … Read more

Printer clean up

I had a problem with a HP LaserJet 8620. No matter what I did the HP printer software would not communicate with the printer. And because of that scan did not work. A complete uninstall of driver an d HP software did not help. And even though everything had been uninstalled HP Print and Scan … Read more

Extract MSI file

Right click on CMD and choose Run as administrator. Once you have the elevated CMD promt type: msiexec /a c:\testfile.msi /qb TARGETDIR=c:\temp\test Change path to MSI file and target path.