Find and delete Office temporary files

When you op an Office document from a file share a temporary file is created. Normally they are deleted automatic when the document is closed, but sometimes this does not happen. You can then end up with many temporary files that can take up a lot of space. Search with this string in the file … Read more

Hikvision iVMS-4200 – Stream is Encrypted

If you just have enabled hik-connect you might get this error in iVMS-4200 under Main View. stream is encrypted. Please go to the Modify Camera interface to set the Encryption Key and restart live view. Click on Device Management in iVMS-4200 Click on Group tab Select Encoding Channel Choose the camera and click on Modify … Read more

Hikvision iVMS-4200 error: hcnetsdk.dll [91]

Hikvision iVMS-4200 error: reconnecting error code hcnetsdk.dll [91] The operation is not supported by the channel You sometimes get this error in the “Main View” in your NVR. Here is how to fix it: In iVMS click on “Control Panel” and “System configuration” Click on Image and Uncheck the “Auto-change Stream Type” option Click “Save” … Read more

Samsung mobile phones country and firmware codes

Samsung mobile phones country and firmware codes: For example: Model: SM-G950FZKANEE Afghanistan – AFG Algeria – ALG, ALR, TMC Argentina – ANC, ARO, CTI, PSN, UFN, UVC, UVE Aruba – ARU Australia – HUT, OPP, OPS, TEL, VAU, XSA Austria – AOM, ATO*, DRE, MAX, MOB, MOK, ONE, OXX*, TRG Bahrain – OJV, ARB Baltic – … Read more

Sort deleted email items by “date deleted” in Outlook

Go to your Deleted items folder Click on “View” and “View Settings” Click on “Columns” Choose “Date/Time fields”, select “Modified” and click on Add Move “Modified” to the top and click on “OK” Click on “Sort” Select “Date/Time fields”, select “Modified” and click on “OK” and “OK” again. Now you deleted emails are sorted by … Read more

Rename/remove characters from files and folders.

This is a powershell script that removes or renames special characters from files or folder. Very useful if you are going to upload a lot of files to SharePoint or OneDrive and you files contains illegal characters. $folder = ‘c:\mytest’ Get-ChildItem $folder -Recurse | ? {$_ -match ‘%|#|_’} | sort psiscontainer, {$_.fullname.length * –1} | … Read more

List all users of a group

List all users in a group: $Groups = Get-ADGroup -filter {Name -like “GROUP NAME” } | Select-Object Name ForEach ($Group in $Groups) {Get-ADGroupMember -identity $($ -recursive | Get-ADUser -Properties name, mail | Select-Object name, mail} This will show their name and mail address.