Discovering Automatically Created Mailboxes by Microsoft Bookings in Your Tenant

In today’s digitally driven world, Microsoft Bookings stands out as a convenient and efficient scheduling tool integrated within the Microsoft 365 suite. It simplifies the process of managing appointments and schedules for businesses. However, one less obvious aspect of setting up a Microsoft Bookings Calendar is that it automatically generates a dedicated mailbox within your tenant. This blog post will guide you through the process of identifying these automatically created mailboxes using PowerShell and provide an insight into why these mailboxes are created.

Why Does Microsoft Bookings Create a Mailbox?
When a Microsoft Bookings Calendar is established, it automatically generates a corresponding mailbox. This is because Microsoft Bookings leverages the robust infrastructure of Exchange Online to manage appointments, notifications, and communications. Each booking calendar requires a unique email address to handle these interactions, which is why a new mailbox is created. This seamless integration ensures that all communications related to bookings are centralized, making it easier to manage and track.

Identifying Bookings-Generated Mailboxes Using PowerShell
Before you start, ensure that you have the necessary permissions to run these commands. You’ll need to be an admin or have been given the appropriate rights within your organization.

Run PowerShell as an administrator and execute the following command:

1: Set Execution Policy:

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

This command configures the policy to allow the execution of local scripts and scripts signed by a trusted publisher.

2: Install the Exchange Online Management Module:

Install-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement

This module provides cmdlets for managing Exchange Online, which is essential for accessing mailbox details.

3: Import the Module:

Import-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement

4: Connect to Exchange Online


You might be prompted to enter your credentials. Make sure to log in with an account that has the necessary permissions.

5: Retrieve the Mailboxes

get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited -recipienttypedetails Scheduling

This command lists all mailboxes with the type ‘Scheduling’, which is indicative of those created for Microsoft Bookings.

Identifying mailboxes automatically generated by Microsoft Bookings is crucial for maintaining an organized and efficient tenant environment. By using PowerShell, you can easily list these specific mailboxes, helping you understand and manage the resources used by Microsoft Bookings in your organization.

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