How to Identify a Failed Application During Windows Pre-Provisioning

Access Advanced Options: During the Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE), press Shift+F10. This opens a command prompt.

Open Registry Editor: In the command prompt, type regedit and press Enter to open the Registry Editor.

Navigate to the Registry Key: Go to the following path:
Here, you’ll find multiple entries with date and time stamps.

Identify the failed app: Each key will have multiple properties formatted like ./Device/Vendor/... ending with a GUID. Check the ‘data’ for each property. A value of ‘3’ indicates successful installation, while ‘4’ indicates an error.

Identify the Affected Application in Intune: To find the specific application that failed to install, log into Microsoft Intune. In Intune, navigate to your deployed applications list. Each application in Intune has a unique GUID in its URL. Compare the GUID from the error entry in the registry with the GUIDs in the URLs of the applications listed in Intune. This will help you identify the exact application that encountered the installation error.

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