How to Set Specific User Permissions on Folder Level in a SharePoint Site

Steps to Set User Permissions on a Folder Level To only allow ‘Owners’ and specific users: 1: Access Your SharePoint Site:Navigate to your SharePoint site using your preferred web browser. 2: Go to the Document Library:Locate the relevant document library where the target folder resides. You can find this on the left navigation pane or … Read more

User create date

If you need to find out when a user was created you can run this in PowerShell:Connect-ExchangeOnlineGet-Mailbox | select-object WhenCreatedUTC,Name It will tell you when the users mailbox was created.

OneDrive – Wrong timezone

I noticed that the time and time format was wrong on all documents in my OneDrive online. Time and timezone is correct in the rest of Office 365 It can be fixed by doing this: In OneDrive click the Return to classic OneDrive in the lower left cornerClick on theĀ setting iconĀ in the upper right cornerClick … Read more