Discovering Automatically Created Mailboxes by Microsoft Bookings in Your Tenant

IntroductionIn today’s digitally driven world, Microsoft Bookings stands out as a convenient and efficient scheduling tool integrated within the Microsoft 365 suite. It simplifies the process of managing appointments and schedules for businesses. However, one less obvious aspect of setting up a Microsoft Bookings Calendar is that it automatically generates a dedicated mailbox within your … Read more

User create date

If you need to find out when a user was created you can run this in PowerShell:Connect-ExchangeOnlineGet-Mailbox | select-object WhenCreatedUTC,Name It will tell you when the users mailbox was created.

Rename/remove characters from files and folders.

This is a powershell script that removes or renames special characters from files or folder. Very useful if you are going to upload a lot of files to SharePoint or OneDrive and you files contains illegal characters. $folder = ‘c:\mytest’ Get-ChildItem $folder -Recurse | ? {$_ -match ‘%|#|_’} | sort psiscontainer, {$_.fullname.length * –1} | … Read more

Get a list of mobile phones and users who synchronize with your Exchange Online

Connect with Powershell to your Exchange Online. Run this command to list all users and mobile phones: Get-mobiledevice | select devicetype, deviceos, identity Add | out-grudview if you want the ability to group the list after for example mobile phone type. Get-mobiledevice | select devicetype, deviceos, identity | out-gridview You can also list users with … Read more